Friday, February 27, 2009


well somehow half this original entry got deleted I'm pretty upset, oh well it was a lame entry anyway.

Another huge bonus of people that I know choosing to go on missions, is that I get mail. If there were no missionaries I would never get mail besides lame bank statements and other sorts of things that isn't a real, personal letter. Anyway currently I am actively receiving letters from 4 different missionaries, but only 2 of them do I actually personally know. The other 2 are missionaries that I learned about getting no mail ever so I decided to write them once, and yet they are still writing me back, It's cool, because they both seem really cool, and I don't know why other people, who actually know these missionaries. But 3 of the 4 missionaries will be going home by October, so then I will be writing only 1 missionary till June of 2010. But it's ok, because secretly he's my favorite missionary to get letters from anyway. Even though he is the last one to get back. However, that's why patience is a virtue.

Anyway so yup, missionaries are awesome!