Monday, January 24, 2011

Facebook, real books, and the cleanse!

Ok well I have just been having this urge to write another blog post even though I had no real ideas, so I guess this will be super random but that's what happens when your in Layton, Utah waiting to go on a mission (which is less than a month away now, by the way.)

So what does a resident of Layton, Utah do who is waiting for the mission?
  • spend excessive amounts of time on facebook
  • reads the book of mormon
  • studies Preach my Gospel
  • thinks about going shopping for mission clothes and stuff
  • reads other interesting and entertaining books
  • works at Maceys
  • and most recently does a cleanse
Well so first, facebook! I didn't know why I've been spending so much time on facebook recently especially since I'll be honest, it's boring me lately and I could be doing so many more better things with my time. That is why I decided that I am having a facebook fast, for at least a week, starting yesterday. Plus, there's no facebook on the mish anyway, so I better get used to it.

next reading the Book of Mormon! I'll be honest I haven't done so well in the past and my mission president asked me to read the whole Book of Mormon before I enter the MTC. And well to say the least I have a lot of catching up to do, and less than a month now, to make it!

Next, I've been studying the book of all books for a missionary, Preach my gospel!The truth is, I hate shopping! So therefore I am dragging my feet at shopping, it just overwhelms me and I get bored, and I hate trying on clothes, thus equaling I have not yet purchased my clothes, but it will happen because... I am the world's best procrastinator!!!

I used to read a lot, and then I stopped reading very much but over these past few couple days I've realized why I used to read so much in the past and the reason is I enjoy it a lot, here are te books I've read recently.

The Hunger games - I heard what this book was about and did not think I would enjoy because it seems so evil, but I admit once I picked it up I could not put it back down and can't wait till I can get my hands on the next 2!

next The Perfect Man- you know there was that movie, it was a fast and easy read that I knew I could finish before I got a hold of the 2nd book of the hunger games series, but it was a little too cheesy for me just like the movie.Then since I finished that book, I started reading a book, I started forever ago and then kind of forgot about it A train to Potevka its a true story about an American spy when he was assigned in Russia and he just tells about some of his experiences there. I like it a lot since I can relate!
and for the next 2 weeks I will be finishing up working at Maceys and then I will be finished. most likely forever! I never thought I would see this day come! I am soo happy!!
And my latest and greatest project is my mother and I are doing a cleanse. Today was our first day of it! And I thought I was going to die especially since I work at a grocery store where there is all this delicious looking food. Anyway a cleanse is where you drink just lemonade(a special kind you make) and that is it that's the only food you have for roughly 10 days, and doing this assists you in cleaning out all the toxins in your body! it should be a long 10 days. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bike Riding is awesome!

So basically, I finally decided to get serious about the mission thing, anyway so my mission president sent me a packet over a month ago, and gave me a list of things to send to the mission office asap! asap means after the holidays are over right? I guess it could I don't even get to the MTC for another 6 weeks. Anyway so in the packet it said that every missionary would need a bike, and then a few pages later it said every missionary except sisters need a bike. So you could only imagine the confusion, plus I met a guy who just got back from that mission in July and he said sisters didn't need bikes! But as I was finally getting ready to send the paperwork the president asked for I decided I better call the mission home and ask if I really needed one. So the missionary answered and said they just changed it and indeed every missionary needs a bike. So there you have it, I will be a bike riding missionary! I'm a little excited about it!

Anyway as I was Waiting for my mom to get home for work I decided to research bikes. The president was kind enough to send some options of places to get bikes from, so there were 2 websites that you could buy bikes from that would ship it to the mission office. So then I looked at the first website and it was overwhelming to me, especially since I have never in my life gotten my own new bike, whenever I have gotten a bike it had been one of my sisters previously. So then I went to another website, and it was much easier, especially since it was a bike website specifically for missionaries, and there were only 3 bike choices for sisters and it included with the bike all the gear, that I would need. So I thought that sounded great!

Then my mom came home and agreed that it was the best deal! so thanks to I now have my very first new bike that will be shipped to my mission for free. So I will get to see it in person in April when I get there! I'm really excited about it!

However it is quite funny because I never really ride bikes ever, and haven't ridden a bike in years, but it will be great! because I will get a great workout every day and I will stay fit! and just me a riding a bike in general should be pretty entertaining, my companions will probably always be waiting for me but it's all good!

Here's a pic of my awesome Bike!