Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hiking: The camera destroyer!

Most of the group on the hike

Gorgeous View!

The place where my camera was destroyed!
That pink backpack is mine, Adam was nice
enough to carry it for me!

So in my ward for the summer I got the calling of FHE coordinator, it's fun but surprisingly hard to come up with activities. Anyway I finally got this beyond brilliant idea to go hiking for FHE. I asked someone where a good place to hike was and she told me, although I had been there. We met at my apartment and took 4 cars to drive up. So this was a good plan so far.

It all started not so well when only 3 of the 4 cars actually ended up in the same place, so we waited to see if the 4th car would ever show up, but they didn't, so we went on without them. The hike itself was very gorgeous! We had a lot of fun together as well, especially when the boys decided to knock all the trees over. It was hillarious!

However the part where they tipped the trees over, was also the worst part! You see there was this huge rock that some of us were standing on. I was taking pictures, then I decided I was done and started putting it back in my back pack, but then I dropped it, but I was sure it would be fine. I didn't take it out the rest of the hike.

Then on the way back down I was in the end with some people so finally we made it to the end expecting everyone to be waiting for us. But there was no one. Everyone else missed the path to go back down, but eventually they all made it back.

We then headed home expecting the people in last car to be back, but... they weren't so we all sat outside calling them at least every 5 minutes, none of us could reach them. We were worried! Finally we decided to go drive back into the canyon, to find them, but on our way back we got through to them. They were all fine and went on there own hike to the path we were supposed to go to. It was a relief.

Then today I decided to look at the pictures I had taken, when I turned it on the screen was completely white with the exception of a dark spot. I was really sad to find that drop at the canyon had been so severe, to my camera but then I took a picture to see if it still took pictures and uploaded all the pictures to my computer and luckily they all came.

So I'm not at a total loss, I can still take pictures I just can't see what they look like until there on my computer, I guess I should be grateful for that. But I'm really sad because my camera was Really nice!

Moral of the story be extremely careful if you take a camera hiking, otherwise the hike will kill your camera.