Friday, December 31, 2010

A blink of an eye and....

2010 was over. Yup it's crazy that it's the last day of 2010! It's been a really great year though. So it's time for my yearly review.

I spent most the month of January preparing to go to Russia, and on January 29th I departed Salt lake City to go to Russia, knowing not a soul who I was going to spend the next 4 months with.

I spent the month of February getting adjusted to the culture, cold, host family, and teaching the children in Russia. Not to mention celebrate mens day!

Spent more time adjusting To Russia and loving it soo much more, and had one vacation of a life time. I traveled to Sweden, Finland and Estonia, and while on this trip I visited the sweden and Finland Temple to do baptisms, and there was a bombing in one of the metros in Moscow while we were away!

I spent yet another wonderful month in Moscow Russia, and began to love everything about Russia so much more!

It was a bitter sweet month. It was my last month in Russia! I visited St. Petersburg! I had a spectacle with my students and at the very end of the month said good bye to my students, host family and Russia, then made my way to Ukraine.

I spent a wonderful month in Ukraine! Played with children all day every day and visited Odessa and komenyets podolski! I had a blast partying it up in Ukraine with 7 other awesome american roommates, as well as 2 other pretty much roommates.
It was pretty much a party all day long everyday, I loved it!

This was my last month abroad and it ended with a bang! I spent 2 weeks finishing teaching the Ukranian children, then took off for a week long tour to Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. Then after a flight to New York, an unexpected 24 hour layover in New York, I finally arrived in Salt lake city where I waited for my parents to arrive. Then I finally got my long awaited oreos and started back at the clearfield Maceys.

I took a look at my life and took it on and figured out who I was through Impact, moved to Logan and started school at Utah State University, and started working at the Providence Maceys once again.

I took an unexpected turn in my life and began the process of filling out my mission papers, although even after I started my papers I did not believe that I would be going for real on a mission, and just got crazy busy with school.

I finished my mission papers and turned them in, and just went to school some more.

It was a pretty big month, graduated impact. Then I turned the double 2's. Then after waiting patiently I received my mission call to Arcadia California, in the spanish Language. Then for thanksgiving me and the parentals went to College Station Texas to visit The Meldrums (my sister, brother in law, Mitch and Faye).

It was a great ending to a great year, I finished another semester at Utah State making the Deans list for my 3rd semester in a row. I moved back home, enjoyed spending the christmas holidays with family especially my sister and her family who came from Texas, had a great visit with troy who is in the philippines on Christmas Eve. Had an excellent Christmas! And to top it off I went to receive my endowments at the temple.

It really has been quite a fabulous year full of exciting times and adventures, and this next year in California will only proceed to get better!