Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The December 29th's of my life!

So I was thinking today about how December 29th is a pretty important day in my life. Why? It is because On December 29, 2010, was the first time i finally made it to the temple, so exactly 3 years has past since that day, and the blessings that come from it still have not ceased, originally that's why I wanted to post on my blog, because it is pretty awesome, also I'm still waiting to receive my final temple ordinance, but I'm patient. However, as I was thinking of that monumental day, i started thinking about journals, and well I decided I was curious about all the December 29th's I've experienced so I dug out all my journals to see, if anything else monumental happened on a December 29th, so here we go.

The first December 29th that I recorded was:
Monday Dec. 29, 1998 (I was 10)
I basically wrote about how I had a lot of stuffed animals, and that Holly and I got matching bedspreads for Christmas, and even the sheets matched. haha!


Sunday December 29, 2002 (I was 14)

I wrote about how the next year we were going to 11:00 church the next year. (I wish that were true now) I also apparently went to tithing settlement and made $530, that year, I must've babysat a lot that year, pretty impressive, considering I was only 13 most of the year, and Nick turned 22, so we celebrated.

Saturday December 29, 2007 (19)

I apparently watched saved by the bell, got ready and drove from Layton back to Providence, to work at Maceys at 1 until 8, and it was a slow day.

Monday December 29, 2008 (20)

Basically I ran a mile on the treadmill at what I said a pathetic 15 minutes 4 mph, and then I ran errands all day, I read part of the day, went to Crownburger with Stacey and Nick for Nicks birthday and watched Eagle Eye.

Here's the sad part.... I didn't even write on December 29, 2010. I guess I must've been too overwhelmed, by the experience to record my thoughts, that's too bad, but I still remember the feelings of the first time. It was crazy.

Jueves (Thursday) Dec. 29, 2011 (23)

We had district meeting about asking questions, my leg started to hurt again when I knew I had to go to the chiropractor again, and our schedule kept changing up, but we did see this guy we had met once who is not all there and said " hey i know spanis! como sta mo bien grenas noches mo bien! and then he repeated that whole thing over again, and I remembered it was a year since I went to the temple.

Saturday Dec. 29, 2012

I put my original temple recommend in there, i miss the missionary stamp on it. I played with Emmett, and the stake young women presidency and families came to our house and had a party.

Okay so apparently the December 29ths in my haven't been that monumental, but at least one was, and I'm grateful for the gospel in my life, and for the temple blessings that I receive daily.

Also what better way is there to celebrate, since you can't go to the temple on Sundays, to go to church, take the sacrament and renew all those precious covenants that I made.

(Disclaimer: I realize this is 2 days late, I began it on the 29th though)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

These are a few of the reasons I teach!

Admittedly, as a first year teacher, it's been.... hard, I feel more often then not I just want to quit, I consider all the different possibilities, that don't include it, and so on and so forth. But I'm not blogging to vent and I know I'm not a quitter, and today was one of those days, So I realized that I have got to keep a journal daily of the reasons why I do it, and I decided today was the day to start... so here it is,,, i wrote a song, well... not a song but rather lyrics to a song. It's super cheesy, but i love it anyway so here it is.

These are a few of the reasons I Teach
(sung to These are a few of my favorite things)

Being creative and being with children. Warm hugs and high fives and laughter and smiles. Students that listen and show that they learned.

These are a few of the reasons I teach.

When they talk out and don't listen, when the time runs out. I simply remember the reasons I teach and then I can feel the energy!

Improved progress monitoring and jokes that the kids make, the second grade team at Midvale Elementary. Excitement, and silliness and performing on stage

These are a few of the reasons I teach.

When I'm tired, and out of patience, when I can't grade more, I simply remember the reasons I teach, and then I feel gratitude!

The challenge and it stretches me and puts me out of comfort. I want to make a difference in this crazy universe. the chance to love students when they don't get it at home.

These are a few of the reasons I teach.

When assessing and managing, and I need D.P. (Dr. Pepper) I simply remember the reasons I teach and then I realize I can!

Obviously there's way more reasons I teach and it may not make sense, but I like it anyway.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

# 3 I am grateful for fast and testimony meeting.

Admittedly, fasting is hard, but so worth it, when you go in with a purpose, However, I always look forward to fast Sunday, because it means testimony meeting, and I love hearing all the faith filled testimonies, they are always so inspired, and i learn so much, and I love that time to think and contemplate and even share my own. ok fine, it's true confession, I hardly ever share my testimony, but I at least think about it and reflect on it. Also I hope i share it in my daily actions. Anyway back to fast and testimony meeting and my gratitude for it, I guess now is as good as a time as ever to share my own testimony seeing as I am grateful for it.

First of all in some of the testimonies that I heard today they talked about death of parents and grandparents that happened recently in their lives, and it reminded me of the time when I was on my mission, and the phone rang. It was president Becerra calling to tell me that my grandma had passed away, he didn't tell me which one, but he didn't have to since I had only one living Grandma at the time, well I guess technically at that time, I had none. I don't know why or how, but I only felt calmness and peace at that moment. And I don't know why I wasn't more sad, maybe it was because of my understanding and knowledge of the gospel and the great plan of happiness. Well, I did feel sad, mainly for my family and grandpa, but i was okay. It was a little puzzling, because it wasn't expected, I had no idea that my grandma wasn't doing well. For some reason, my family doesn't like to tell us anything that they might consider a distraction on their mission. But anyway at that moment, the plan of salvation was such a comfort, knowing I would see my grandmother again, and I just felt a particular closeness to her, knowing both her and I were doing the exact same thing.... missionary work, just on different sides of the veil, and I know both my grandmothers are excellent missionaries. Anyway i guess I also thought particularly of this experience of my grandma Jean because this month it will be 2 years since she passed away, and I just really love her, well both my grandmas. So yes I have a testimony of the plan of Salvation.

Another testimony I received just this week, on halloween, to be exact was the importance of visiting teachers and home teachers. It all started when I was at school and we were having a halloween party, and suddenly i wasn't feeling well. It was mainly a  stomachache, which was odd since I had literally only eaten applesauce that day. Well as the day went on, I just felt worse, almost like the flu, so after my team meeting, I booked it home, and the stomachache flu turned into unbearable sharp pain in my stomach, unlike anything I had ever felt before. I had no idea how long it was going to last or what was happening, and it was then when I realized I was alone. i couldn't call visiting teachers because i have none, and more importantly I couldn't call home teachers because I had none. I knew or felt i deserved a priesthood blessing in the moment, but realized I had absolutely no one to turn to, well anyone that was close by at least. And I realized that visiting teachers and home teachers are really important, i've never cared or worried too much before, since I've had my family and at school i had friends there, but here I still pretty much don't anyone. True it's my fault, I haven't really put myself out there, and it's not a complaint just a recognition, that someone might need me as a visiting teacher one day, and I should be there so if needs be i can help them. I also have an extreme testimony of priesthood and the power of it, that experience confirmed just a little stronger, that when I do get married, it will have to be to a worthy priesthood holder, because it's hard not having it technically right now, and i'm grateful to my parents who taught me these important things.

I have a testimony of many other things, but I'm sure during the rest of this month I'll have opportunities to share as long as I keep up on it.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day #2 I am grateful for my awesome place I live

My landlord came today, painted the room I will move into which is the master, which means my own bathroom and...... with winter creeping up the carport! I'm real excited about it, so now i get to move into the master bedroom, which will be super awesome! I'm also happy about how affordable this nice condo is, and that I found it so I don't get to commute from my parents, which would be insane. I'm also grateful for Saturdays! There you have it day 2, short, sweet, and to the point!

Friday, November 1, 2013

#1 I am grateful for Russia.... and Mitchell!

So it is officially gratitude month! Let me tell you I have soo much to be grateful for.... I will begin today with gratitude for Russia and the people that I met there. We had a Russian reunion today and ate Russian food, I made a Russian salad, and it turned out pretty good, I was super excited! Anyway, it's been way too long since I have had Russian food and seen my friends I met through Russia, actually it's been more that 3 years. That's an insane amount of time. I miss Russia and all those fun people. As I was thinking about Russia, I realized how much it taught me. I learned how people are the same no matter where you are, even though we have cultural differences. I learned patience, and I learned how much I love kids, and I learned how much I love traveling. I really learned to love to travel... so much, that I'm desperately looking for a way to travel this summer. I don't know where, or how long, but I will travel this summer... somewhere. But anyway I will say that because of Russia and the experiences that I had there, I am who I am today, and I will always love my friends I met in Russia.

From tonight, it was a semi halloween party, and we all wore red without talking to each other, i took my popcorn costume off!

Red Square!

So grateful for these Students! Mark, Sergey, Daniel, and Lena!

I love Sharma!!

In any case it's obvious of my love and gratitude for sharma!!

And of course I can't forget to be grateful for my oldest nephew who is now 9!
9 reasons I am grateful for Mitchell

1. He makes me laugh
2. He never ceases to amaze me at his intelligence
3. He's such a good example for his 3 siblings and me too!
4. He's the first Nephew I ever had.
5. He tells awesome jokes
6. He plays awesome baseball
7. He's great at the drums!
8. A year ago he made an awesome decision to be baptized!
9. He's Mitchell


Monday, August 19, 2013

First day of school!

So it's true, I made it through my very first day of school as a teacher at Midvale Elementary! I'm a teacher! That's nuts! Anyway I thought that I would not sleep at all the night before because of all my nerves, excitement and emotions, but indeed I guess all the preparations exhausted and I slept through the night, I was super happy about it.

Anyway I got to school early, and got everything ready, for my first day. I also was given my official class list (what I had seen was 24) but when I got my list I had 13 students on my list.

Then 8:00 came. I went outside where all the students were and we waited until 2nd grade was called to go into the building. All 6 of us 2nd grade teachers took the 2nd graders to the library, where we called the names of students in our class.

I took my students and we played a name game, I gave them seats and we went over rules, i had planned to do a lot of things with my students but came to realize that you can't get through as much with 2nd graders, but it was still a very good day. We learned a few things but mainly just procedures and rules.

The craziest part was lunch, they were behind and for some reason I didn't realize I was supposed to bring lunch cards that I had received last week, it was a bit chaotic, by the time they made it through the lunch line, we were supposed to be back in class, needless to say we were late.

Anyway, but overall the day was good, I ended the day with 17 students and a knowledge of a few students who can not sit by each other. I'm excited for another day at Midvale, I think it will be a great year!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm a Poet....and I didn't even know it!

Ok so I was cleaning out my room, getting ready to move out, out into the real world. Midvale Elementary here I come! Yikes!!! It will be good though, I think, I am getting a little nervous. Anyway so I was cleaning out my room and found this writers workshop folder from my Senior year of High School, and well... it's apparent that I really am definitely am not a poet, but I thought that these were funny anyway.. so here's the first poem


I've looked to this day for thirteen years
Now it's the end and I have sudden fears
I've dedicated so many hours to this life
But now I'll be lost without this strife

It all began in kindergarten when I was five
I was sure I would never make it out alive
Being taught by the same teacher all day long
Always waiting for recess and I was never wrong

Then I went on my way into junior high
Seven different classes in one day "oh my"
Striving to make new friends and act cool
Everyone in my classes were just naive fools

Walking into the school feeling so small
I didn't belong inside these walls
School actually counted and passing drivers Ed.
But now it doesn't matter; now I need a college Ed.

I've looked to this day for thirteen years
Watching the clock and looking in the mirror
Now ready or not the real world comes
I't time to prove we've learned and were not bums
I've looked to this day for thirteen years

Yup, that's my claim to fame, haha, Who ever let me write something like this? It makes me laugh though.

The next one is just purely entertaining, I don't even understand it.


Did I imagine or was it a dream?
In this dream there was no trouble or toil.
I dreamed that you and I were royal.
I danced and in my eye there was a gleam.
We were united just like a team.
I was happy to know you were loyal.
Luckily, my crown was not made of foil.
I looked to you to see a radiant beam.
While this beautiful dream was not a game,
I knew this was none other than pure fate.
I would not jeopardize our sweet short time.
This sweet dream simply was not about fame.
Once again I knew I could not be late.
But true, the alarm clock was the crime.

I sort of want to see if my poem writing skills have gotten better in these past 6 years, but I'll think about that another day.