Friday, September 3, 2010

It's a reality

Many of you may have noticed, or maybe you have not, but the important fact is that I have been aware that I have not updated this blog, well... since I got back to America. One might think that it's because I've been lazy, busy or had nothing exciting to report, or a million different reasons, but in all reality many of those our slightly correct. But the main point is if the last post I wrote was while I was in Ukraine, it must mean that I am still there right? Actually no that's not what it means, it means that simply I have been living in denial. Denying the fact that I did return to America and I am not abroad anymore. But here's the thing why do I deny this fact when I love America just as much as I love Ukraine or Russia? Well it's because I can be in America most my life and I have been, but I have only had the opportunity to be in such amazing places with amazing people for such short times! But the fact is I love America too! So now that we all know I'm in America again, what has America presented with me so far?

1. Drinking fountains
2. toilets that flush decently
3. drinkable tap water
4. washers
5. dryers
6. family
7. friends
8. food

I'm sure there are multiple others but that's it for now, also obviously I had all these before I left America the first time but coming back I had a greater appreciation for these things and my appreciation increases daily!

Also with returning to America I was also presented with my good ol' job at Maceys back in Clearfield so I could earn some money for school, and then my job back at the Providence Maceys so that I could come back and work while in school. I was presented with an awesome apartment at Old Farm with incredible new roommates that I get to know this year, they pretty much rock! And last but not least classes at school, so that I can further my education and come that much closer to becoming an awesome elementary teacher in a few years! That's right life is amazing!

Now also this has nothing to do with this post but if any of you bloggers know how to change the font color in things such as the title, date, comments, and such that would be awesome to know! because the color doesn't really go with this background.