Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to escape a locked apartment!

Ok so during my stay here in Russia I've had quite a few funny experiences, so I've decided that I'm going to write a best-selling book about it. Then when it's such a big hit and I'm practically begged to make it into a movie, I will direct and produce one of the best comedies of all time. So just a heads up you should be looking forward to reading the best comedy followed by watching the best comedy, called"How to escape a locked apartment" although I have to give credit to Tianna for the title! I'm just saying I'm pretty special to end up in all the circumstances I've been in! I'll give you a few experiences to be viewed in this video, metros, school guards and some tragic times being locked in an apartment, I mean if you want more details, You'll just have to buy the book when I publish it. Okay so maybe this wont really happen I'm just saying the media should write more movies about average daily life occurences, I'm sure I would laugh!

Monday, April 12, 2010

why do I want to be a teacher?

Well let me tell you why!
So as I'm over here in Russia teaching children it has definitely been a huge challenge and really difficult! And at times I feel like I am going to go home and change my major because I can't handle teaching. However, the longer I've been here the easier it has gotten to teach these wonderful children english. Today gave me a real laugh. here's what happened.

So I was teaching my kids their new spelling words today and one of them was coat. I asked them if they knew what coat was, they said no, so after I was able to properly explain what coat was, I always ask them to use these words in a sentence. So I ask them and then one of my boys, Daniel goes on about coats with the following story. First his sentence is a woman goes to the supermarket to buy a coat! I then said good job! But then he says that a man and woman go to the supermarket. A woman sees a coat she wants. She says I want that and then the man says no. Then the woman cries! So the man lets her buy the coat!

Haha I love my kids, it was just soo funny, and they are learning english, although I'm afraid they are learning the phrase "please sit down in your seat" more than anything but they are soo great! I love kids, and that right there is why I want to be a teacher, because kids make me smile!