Wednesday, March 17, 2010

interesting times

I really am in Russia! And I had the opportunity to teach children english. One day I also had the opportunity to talk to the 9th graders in the school I taught at. First I told a bit about myself along with the other people in my group, and then the 9th graders were able to ask questions. 1st the questins were very generic like what is your favorite animal? do you like Russians? what are your hobbies? Then all of the sudden a boy starts asking questions like why do americans portray russians as evil? Do we like obama? What about the war in America? It was pretty much insane!

Also I just found out about the summer camps that are here in Moscow and in Ukraine! I have the opportunity to stay up to an extra month and a half in moscow or go to Ukraine, like I had planned in the first place! I still am not sure but I think I am going to Ukraine after this! That would be soo much fun! Plus who knows if I will ever get this opportunity again!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Women's day!

Don't worry while the russians celebration for the defenders of the motherland day, they did not forget about the women, before I came I had heard about women's day here. I heard it was a pretty big holiday, and while I thought it was awesome I didn't realize how big of a holiday it was till now. Friday was our last day of teaching before women's day, so that was more of our women's day. We were handed gifts all day for it. When we got to the school one of the russian teachers gave us a box of chocolates, then our lunch lady gave us each a chocolate. It just warmed my soul. It feels good to be a ppreciated and recognized. Then later after teaching, the parents gave us each abox of ferrero chocolates, then just as I thought the russians were done giving gifts one of the students gave each of us some beautiful purple orchids! It felt so nice. All of this melted my heart and I felt bad because I had nothing to give in return.

So to all women reading this post, just know that I appreciate you all as well, and happy women's day!