Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well as you may have noticed. I have not blogged in a while. this is mainly due to the fact that school has taken over all or at least most of my free time. Now school is not quite over yet, but I'm really close. I only have 2 more finals. I will be completely finished with the semester in just 2 days, less than 48 hours. Now the question is, why do I now have time to blog if I'm going through the most intense week of the semester right now. Well I suppose I will tell you now.

This semester has been pretty tough for me especially since last semester I hardly had to study and work for good grades. But I had to take biology which was the only class I had left to take before I could apply to my major. The only problem is biology and I are not friends. I'd say that was my toughest class this semester. I had already taken biology before and I basically failed. I didn't get an F though.

After 2 failed tests in biology this semester, I thought that there was no way I was going to pass the class and I would have to try a 3rd time. But then I really got my butt into gear and did significantly better on my third test, and I studied like crazy all week this week and took the final for the class today. After I took it I was worried and didn't know if I did well enough. Then later I checked my email to see the results were waiting there in my inbox. I didn't want to open it for fear of a low score so I navigated away to another site. A little while later I couldn't take it anymore. I had to know. So I opened my results to see that..... I got a good enough grade on my final to PASS the class. That's right I'M THROUGH WITH BIOLOGY!!! I was soo excited and relieved that I had to blog about it and I couldn't study for my other tests upcoming.

The moral of this story is never give up, or lose hope because you can succeed!

Now I'm off to study for my remaining tests which wont be as hard, and then I can celebrate!