Friday, November 19, 2010

I have been called to....

the California Arcadia Mission!!!! I will be speaking Spanish!!!! And I enter the Provo MTC on February 23, 2011!!!! Woohoo! Ok so now that you know I'm super excited about it, I'll share a bit of this experience!

So when I first read my call, I will admit I was slightly disappointed, that I was going to California, because I wanted to go at least somewhere I have not been before, although before I opened my call I had a feeling that I would be going stateside. After thinking about it for a while though, I realized I was excited about it because it's warm there. Also when I get back from my mission I can go and visit whenever I want to since it is so close. Plus it's by LA and like Disneyland so of course I would go there all the time anyway, so I'm way pumped.

Then I read that I was learning spanish! I was way excited about that because when I knew I was going on a mission I thought if I was going to learn a language I would really want to learn Spanish, because I knew I would for sure be able to use it when I got back, since so many people here speak Spanish I could use it. The best part though knowing Spanish will definitely assist me when I am getting a job as a teacher, also then I could be able to communicate with parents, so that's way awesome!

Then when it comes to leaving on February 23, that's awesome because that means I'll get home around August 23, just in time to go to school for the fall semester just after I get back.

The best part of this mission call is I will be sooo blessed!!! And I can assist people in finding the truth. I am sooo excited!!