Thursday, May 14, 2009

ASL+online+summer = no fun!

Ok well my title to this blog should be a dead give away to what this blog is about. It is about taking sign language online during the summer. That is definitely not my idea of fun.

Anyway so a long time ago I decided I would go to summer school this summer to lessen my load during the school year. So I decided I would take about 2 classes this summer. So I was going to take a week long music workshop class, but that might even fall through due to my procrastination. I also decided to take sign language 1. So I registered for it and it was going to be real 4 week class on campus. However a few days after registering I got an email from the professor saying due to budget cuts the class would only be offered online during the summer. So I thought it's only 4 weeks, how bad can it really be? Well to answer that question, it is really hard. But on the bright side I'm just about finished with week 1 meaning I only have to endure it for 3 more weeks, that is if I make it out alive.

Oh also another frustrating thing is since it is online. I have no reason to be up here in Logan. I could have went home and saved money, and worked somewhere other than a grocery store at least for the summer so I could have variety in my life. Oh well I'm sure it will be fun anyway.