Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009... a year in review!

Well, 2009 has come and gone. Quickly too I might add so right now is as good as any to reflect upon this year and think about what has happened and what I have accomplished in this year of 2009. So here goes it

  • I started my 4th semester of college
  • Barrack Obama became president
  • spent an hour one day trying to get my car door to shut after I opened it


  • The Steelers won the superbowl (not that I really care)
  • I participated in a spelling Bee on campus (I didn't win)
  • my sister had jaw surgery
  • I built mouses out of owl pellets in my living with wildlife class
  • I went to a meeting about ILP, which first started my thoughts of going to Ukraine
  • I went to my 1st and only USU hockey game, it was against the "U" and we creamed them


  • had spring break
  • went to the draper temple open house
  • saw a play musical spoof on high school musical in salt lake
  • it was my parents 30th anniversary
  • cleaned the sink at Angie's with my living with wildlife professor and some kids in my class
  • trained for self-checkout at Maceys
  • Attended hunters safety
  • Attended draper temple dedication via satellite


  • I finished my CIL's
  • my little brother got in a car accident but was fine


  • Finished the semester of school
  • Moved out of old farm D1 and into Old Farm O3
  • got a raise at work
  • went to Johnny's farewell and he left on his mission
  • Took sign language online
  • I became FHE coordinator for the summer
  • went to CJ's farewell


  • locked myself out of my apartment
  • CJ left on his mission
  • went to Jackson Hole with the fam
  • Troy got his mission call to the Phillipines
  • Michael Jackson died
  • I broke my camera


  • Brooke and Jennie got their mission calls
  • I met Elder Perry at Macey's
  • went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house
  • went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 6
  • got a new phone
  • got family pictures
  • applied to the ILP program
  • got accepted into the ELED program


  • Stayed up for over 24 hours the first time ever
  • moved home for a few days only to
  • move into continental
  • attended the oquirrh mountain temple dedication via sattellite
  • started my 3rd year 5th semester of college
  • helped catch a moth in the middle of the night


  • bought a new laptop
  • Troy left on his mission
  • Jennie left on her mission
  • Brooke left on her mission
  • had the first snowfall of the season


  • got deathly sick for like a week
  • Grant got home from his mission
  • was a gangster for halloween


  • blew out 2 tires on my car by hitting a curb
  • turned 21
  • Noah Joseph Jasperson was born
  • kasi porter got married
  • found out I was going to Russia instead of Ukraine


  • finished out the semester at college
  • moved back home
  • Maddie came home from China
  • had my ILP training
  • started working at the clearfield maceys
  • enjoyed christmas with my family and talked to Troy

Anyway so how do I remember all of that, actually most of it I didn't but luckily I write in my journal often so I could remember

And why did I spend soo much time writing this post? Mainly because I'm bored

well now it's time to see what 2010 will bring us. Happy New Year

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I've waited my whole life and finally I've found.... prince charming! yes, that is right, this christmas Santa finally brought me what every girl dreams of there whole entire life, and I woke up only to find my prince charming waiting for me. One could only imagine the excitement and joy to find that their quest to find their prince charming had finally been put to an end, now I must admit my prince charming did not look much like a prince at first, he was actually disguised as a.....

But the best part was that (now I know what you are thinking but it did not happen) I did not have to lose my VL. That is right I did not even have to kiss a frog for him to become a prince. However, I did have to put in effort for his transition into a prince. I had to add a bit of water, and then patiently wait for 72 hours, for him to be a full grown
So I know that you can't tell how handsome this prince is from the picture, but that might be partly because he is not fully grown, he still has another 17 hourss until it has been the full 72 hours, but the point is, my prince charming is finally here!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm a survivor!

That's right! I did it! I lived through the fall 2009 semester at Utah State University! I also did pretty well... I think! I only have 2 known grades which are A-'s! Woohoo! Now the rest of my grades I will wait... and wait... and wait.... patiently for the results. Anyway I was proud of myself for making it through this semester! At times it was a real challenge! No worries though I came out of this semester being able to:
give first aid
be a pro at editing papers and any grammar important things
teach children physical education
teach children music
guide children
and tell some great stories!
or at least those were the things I was supposed to learn.

Now... I will not have to endure another painful final week for a whole year being as I will not be attending school next semester and opting for a crazy excursion to Russia! It will be soo fun to go teach english to children!! but... no worries Utah State and Logan, I will make an appearance once more in August to finish up my last 3 semesters of college! I feel some exciting things coming up in my life and I feel so relieved right now as well!