Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The reasons why I love 5th graders!

Here are the many reasons why I love 5th graders! This has come from my practicum time at the elementary school during the past semester.

1. Students: How old are you?
    me: I'm not going to answer?
   Students: Well then, How young are you?

2. John: Miss Love are you married?
    Addie: Why John, do you want to marry her?
   other student: her name is MISS Love that means she's not married.

3. students: You should vote for Romney.
    other students: no, because I heard that Mitt Romney is going to make us go to school on saturdays and       sundays.
    other students: He can't do that because we have to go to church, and Mitt Romney also goes to church.

4. Students: Mitt Romney should win because of taxes (They're in 5th grade, I don't even understand this)

5. 2nd grade student in our classroom, in the morning before school started (the day after elections): It;s good that Obama won because I heard that Romney did something bad.

6. Deleny: Miss Love, do you ever want to get married?
    Me: Sure I do, someday
    Deleny: well my aunt is getting married in December.

7. (On Halloween, see picture above) 
    Student: Miss Love, what are you dressed as?
    other student: Oh I know what she is?
    same student who asked who I was: Oh, I know You're snow white

8. It's a cold day and students are discussing how they are cold
    Addie: My boots aren't very warm, but I would rather be fashionable, than warm.

9. We were in the library one day, and the librarian had a collection of all these bugs and spiders, and books about them as well, and there was a huge spider, and one of the students was reading about it just as I walked over to see how they were doing.
     John: " If you got bitten by this spider you would die instantly, but no one has ever been bitten by this spider before."
me: " If no one has ever been bitten by this spider before, how do you know that a person will really die?"
Addie: in a shocked voice "Miss Love!!"
I just laughed.

and below are my best reasons I love 5th graders!

You can't really tell, but on this card they wrote " u ( and drew a picture of a rock) rock"

Yes! I've always wanted my own pencil!

This card was a pop-up on the back.

This says " thanks for being the sweetest teacher ever!"

Thank You Millville 5th graders! You are the best!