Monday, October 18, 2010

who would've thought!

Isn't life so very interesting? Yes, yes it is! Do you ever wonder where your life will take you? Or sometimes do you even think you know exactly how your life is going to go and then wham suddenly your headed down a different direction? Well Let me tell you, I have been surprised multiple times on which direction my life has gone. However, all these different paths have been quite excellent paths.

A few different directions my life has taken is:

  • going to USU when up until my senior year of high school I was always going to stay at home and go to college at Weber State
  • Planning on going straight through college, no stops, getting my degree as quickly as possible and then suddenly find myself taking the semester off to go teach English in Russia
The last major life's different direction is the latest and greatest decision to once again put off my schooling to go on an LDS full-time mission. This decision is still in progress. My mission papers are complete. All I need to do is have a few interviews and then exercise my patience while I await my call to see where I will be for the next 18 months. Craziness! I always thought when I was younger I would never go on a mission because I was sure I'd be married before i had the chance. I also though that if the opportunity did come I wouldn't because I'd be too scared or it just wasn't "right" for me. But the amazing thing about the gospel is we get to trust in the Lord and he will assist us in anything we choose to do.

I'm soo excited about my decision to go on a mission. I know I won't regret it!