Sunday, November 9, 2014

bucket list for my 26th year

Ok so here is my bucket list for my 26th year, my goal would obviously be to accomplish them all, but really at least 12 of these would be awesome, so I can accomplish at least one a month.

paintballing (not sure why I have such a desire to try this, I heard it's painful, but i've always been a bit curious)
write a book
use my passport to travel
go to my mission
travel alone
take a picture every day
run a half marathon
hike mount timp
learn a song on the ukulele
read 10 books
go to a national park
get a massage
do one act of service daily
journal at least once a week
learn 10 cook 12 dishes
take a new class for fun
hot air balloon ride
make a tshirt quilt

well this is what I can think of right now, but maybe I'll add to this list, there is one more thing, but it's a secret! 

1 comment:

Cute Carbines said...

It's okay. You don't have to keep "buying me tons of gifts" a secret! People would just realize how completely generous you are! Love ya!